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Det började med att jag läste Hilary Rodham Clintons memoar Living history i september 2004. Den var intressant men samtidigt alldeles för återhållsam. Mer spännande och frimodigare var Madeleine Albrights memoar Fru utrikesminister som jag hittade på kulturens julbokbord i december samma år. Då hade jag varit nyfiken på den ett bra tag, och jag blev inte besviken.
Så gick åren fram till april 2009 när jag fullkomligt knockades av Curtis Sittenfelds American Wife, som är en fiktiv berättelse om Laura Bush. Sen ville jag absolut läsa Laura Bush egen självbiografi, för att jämföra. Men däremellan hann jag resa till New York och på den underbara boklådan The Strand inhandlade jag Eleanor Roosevelts självbiografi och läste den.
Jag minns inte riktigt när jag bestämde mig för att göra ett riktigt läsprojekt av det hela, men så är det nu i alla fall.
Här kommer listan på alla de 44 som jag hämtat från firstladiessite och vars kommentarer/omdömen jag behållit för att jag tycker att de är roliga. Vill man ha officiell historia så rekommenderar jag Vita husets egen sammanställning.
Jag sätter en * framför fruar jag läst (om) och länkar om jag skrivit.

1. Martha Washington, Martha was never confortable in the white house, she would rather have been in a regular home and out of the spotlight.
* 2 Abigail Adams, devided her time between home work and time at the Federal Capital Bldg. in Philadelphia. She had a short stay of 4 months, in the white housewhich was built in Washington DC. Bloggat här och här.
3. Martha Jefferson Randolph, she was called Patsy, and lived with her father in the white house and was his public hostess at that time.
4. Dolley Todd Madison, was first lady from 1809 to 1817. She also acted as first lady for Thomas Jefferson.
5. Elisabeth Monroe, was known for her beauty. She was first lady from 1818 to 1825. She was not a popular woman, while in the white house.
6. Louisa Adams is the only first lady born outside of the U.S. Born in London to an english mother and american father.
7. Rachel Robarbs Jackson, died before her husband could take office.
8. Hannah Van Buren, died in 1819 of tuberculosis. Her husband never remarried.
9. Anna Harrison, was the gramdmother of Benjamin Harrison, who was the 24th president of the United States. And of course the 9th first lady.
10. Letitia Tyler, only lived in the white house for a short time, just over a year and she died., while still in the white house.
11. Julia Tyler, married John Tyler after his wife died. The first time a president had married, while in office.
12. Sarah Polk, was a very popular lady and helped her husband in his political career.
13. Margaret Taylor, spent most of her time behind closed doors. She would never talk about her white house days.
14. Abigal Fillmore, as a school teacher, taught Millard Fillmore, before she married him. Then she helped develope, her husbands political career.
15. Jane Pierce, really didn’t want her husband to run for president. She and her presidedn husband lost three children.
16. Harriet Lane was the adopted daughter of James Buchanan and was his first lady, as he was not married.
17. Mary Todd Lincoln was a well educated and fashionable lady, but sometimes was unstable. She and president Lincoln lost 3 of there 4 sons.
18. Eliza Johnson helped her husband with his run for the white house. but mostly stayed out of the spotlight.
19. Julia Boggs Grant enjoyed her time in the spotlight. After her husbands term ended they fell on hard times, but had some income from the sale of his book.
20. Lucretia Garfield was a very religious lady. She would have preferred a place out of the lime light. Her husband was shot while still in office.
21. Lucy Hayes
22. Ellen Arthur died at the age of 42 from pneumonia. Her husband and president Chester Arthur died one year after leaving office.
23. Frances Clara Cleveland was a very young and very popular first lady. She and the president had 6 children.
24. Caroline Lavinia Harrison helped form The Daughters of AMERICAN REVOLUTION. She died in 1891 of tuberculosis.
(Frances Clara Cleveland gör comeback)
25. Ida McKinley was ill most of her husbands term. President McKinley was assassinated in 1901.
kermit26. Edith Kermit Roosevelt was very active while living in the White House. She and the President had five children and she also raised one son from her earlier marriage. She was an author.
27. Helen Louise Taft was one of the most active first ladies of the early years. She helped her husband run for president by public speaking and appearance. She also gave interviews to the press.
28. Ellen Louise Wilson had a love for painting and could have made a career of it but she made a career helping her husband in politics.
29. Edith Galt Wilson was the second wife of Woodrow Wilson. She was an advocate for women’s rights.
30. Florence Mabel Harding served the booze during her husbands poker parties. Booze was illegal in those days.
31. Grace Anna Coolidge was a teacher of the deaf. She was an author also.
32. Lou Hoover became a geologists because she loved the outdoors. She was involved in several charities and head of the Girl Scouts.
* 33. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt did as much or more than any other first lady. She did a lot of writing including daily columns in the newspaper. She had served in the United Nations and much more. Bloggat här här här och här.
34. Elizabeth Virgina Truman was called Bess by her friends and was not found of the political life. She took the first lady roll serious and helped her husband while he was in office.
35. Mamie Geneva Eisenhower was a soft spoken lady and had much to say. She med Ike in Texas when he was an army officer at the time.
36. Jacqueline Lee Kennedy was one of the best looking first ladies. She dressed fashionable and was well liked. After Jon died she married Onasses and when he died she became a publicists until her death.
37. Claudia “Lady Bird” Alta Johnson had the money to pay for her husbands run for congress. She did a lot of public speaking to help her husband run for President.
38. Thelma “Pat” Catherine Nixon was an advocate for pro choice. Pat campaigned to get a woman to the supreme court.
bettyford39. Elizabeth “Betty” Ann Warren Ford talked publicly about her breast cancer. The Betty Ford Clinic was named in her honor.
40. Eleanor Rosalynn Carter and her husband Jimmy were sweethearts from childhood. She helped in his campaign for office and she ran the company business when her husband was campaigning for office.
41. Nancy Davis Regan met her husband Ronald when they were both actors. Active in the “just say no to drugs” and alcohol and drugs campaign. She played a big roll in her husbands campaign.
42. Barbara Bush was not only a first lady but a mother to a president. She authored books, raised money for many charities, was a staunch supporter both financially and verbally of the literacy foundation.
* 43. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was a very well educated first lady. She stood by her husband during her husband’s impeachment hearings. Elected New York senator in 2001 and ran for president in 2007. Ytterst lite bloggat här
* 44. Laura Lane Bush met her husband, George, while he was running for congress. Her profession was an elementary school teacher at the time. She spoke out for women’s health problems, primarily heart disease and cancer. Bloggat här här här och här.
45. Michelle LaVaughn Obama is the first African American first lady. Well spoken and well educated. She does much public speaking on behalf of her husband and her projects.


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