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We visited Jerusalem for the first time this fall, and the first week we found this lovely restaurant at Lunz street/Jaffa road. My husband, myself, and our two friends had ourselves some very good food and a wonderful evening in the hands of a nice waitress. In fact, the experience was so nice that we decided to do it again on our last day in Israel, Thursday November 7th.
Bad choice.
It started out well enough, everybody was nice and one of the waitresses took our picture. We ordered our food and the wine. But the wine was wrong, and when we politely pointed this out and asked for the right wine, the whole atmosphere changed. We got a new bottle, but no glasses. When I asked for the new glasses, no one payed attention. I had to go inside the restaurant and fetch it myself. And it wasn’t very clean.
The evening continued with us being completely ignored by the staff, they never asked us about the food, they didn’t bring up the question of dessert, it was impossible to make eyecontact with them.
This is the worst treatment we’ve ever received in all countries we have ever been in.
I felt bad for two of the younger waitresses, they were clearly embarrased and ashamed, but didn’t dare to speak to us. When we left, one of them told us that an older waitress had told them to act like they did.

No, if you want to eat well AND be treated decently, visit Ticho House instead.

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